User Experience Designer & Developer

On Getting Past Jargon

March 30, 2012

Two months ago, I started hearing about all these technologies that I'd never heard of: Coffeescript, Backbone.js, MongoDB, WebSocket, Heroku, LESS, Node.js, Redis, etc. People threw these terms left and right and I had no idea what they were talking about. It was a tad intimidating. I already had more than enough languages and skills I wanted to learn and wasn't ready to be distracted by a whole new slew of them.

Portfolio Creation Process

February 22, 2012

I categorize the type of work I'd like to pursue for the next few years into three main areas: 1) user experience, 2) coding, 3) visual design. They all overlap and complement each other, but can also be completely distinct roles. For a while I debated whether or not to specialize in one or the other, but I've come to the conclusion that I want to always be improving my skills in all three areas – if not during my full-time job, at least on the side.